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November 04, 2016  -  EIN  /  Elvis Express Radio
In an recent interview Priscilla discussed projects to help keep Elvis' legacy in the market-place, including a new HBO Elvis documentary to be directed by Thom Zimny - who made
'The Ties That Bind' about Bruce Sprinteen's album The River.

She noted of "If I Can Dream" with the RPO  selling over 1.5 million copies world-wide, "That was a surprise, so we jumped right on with a follow-up. We didn't want to lose the

Yet Priscilla still insists that the new album and tour is no mere catalogue cash-in. The way she sees it, these projects are educating even devoted fans that Elvis "was so much
more than rock 'n' roll."

"Authentic" is a word Presley uses often to describe her work overseeing the EPE empire.

Priscilla also confirmed her involvement with a pair of television projects that she hopes will reveal something of "the inner Elvis Presley."

One is a limited-series TV biopic she's working on with the Weinstein Company (being filmed at Graceland), and the other is an HBO documentary directed by Thom Zimny, who's
made several films about Bruce Springsteen.

Not that she's turning away entirely from flashier prospects.

In 2002, Dutch DJ Junkie XL scored an unlikely global hit with an amped-up remix of
"A Little Less Conversation," and Priscilla said they are not opposed to trying something
similar again "if we found the right DJ."  But the number of remixes submitted to Elvis' label "would overwhelm anyone.

Priscilla again seemed less enthused about touring an Elvis hologram, an idea she said had been presented to her.