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October 30, 2016  - Amazon  /  Brian Quinn  /  Elvis Express Radio
OK, so we've all seen the insults on Elvis forums, abuse on Elvis websites and even attacks from editors of magazines. You know, "tone deaf morons", "idiots", "not real fans",  
"Most buy it just because it is Elvis. Though a big part might indeed be deaf and or dumb". Then we have the Editor of one Elvis publication who has made his thoughts clear on his
fellow fans who dare to enjoy these highly successful chart topping albums with the RPO -
"I understand I am in a different league than some others. A league I much prefer."

But, no matter if you enjoy the work that has been produced with these collaborations, surly Elvis fans everywhere should be pleased beyond pleased that through the massive
success of 'IF I CAN DREAM' and now 'THE WONDER OF YOU', the general public and the next generation of music lovers will be encouraged to seek out Elvis' body of
work.....which we are so pleased to say has happened on the Amazon (UK) Sales Chart, totalling 21'

01. The Wonder Of You
03. Elvis: 2nd To None
10. Elvis: Separate Ways
15. Presley: The All Time Greatest Hits
23. Elvis Presley: The Live Greatest Hits
26. Elvis Presley (Original 1st Album)
30. Elvis' Gold Records (Vol.5)
32. Elvis In Concert
50. Forever In Love - Elvis
52. Elvis The King
55. Burning Love
56. Elvis 56
59. The Million Dollar Quartet
60. Elvis Presley: The 50 Greatest Hits
62. From Elvis In Memphis
64. Elvis: Love Songs
74. Elvis At Sun
81. Elvis' Gold Records (Vol.4)
84. Love Songs
96. Memories - 68 Comeback Special