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October 24, 2016  -   Tony (the EER News Hound Dog) Stuchbury /  Elvis Express Radio
October 27th 2016 is a day which many fans have been looking forward to for the last year (give or take?), because on that day the "GRAND OPENING" of the nice and shiny new
hotel smack bang in the shadow of GRACELAND.

This "GRAND OPENING" weekend will be enjoyed by those lucky fans who have pre-booked their rooms and have the pleasure of knowing they will be the first Elvis fans to stay at
this all new Elvis hotel.                                                                                                                       

But hang on just a moment.

It may well be a Suspicious Mind, but EER's very own Tony "News Hound Dog" Stuchbury has discovered something on the official Facebook page of the Guest House At
Graceland which seems to show people have already been staying at the hotel?

Let's take a look:
The Guest House at Graceland will open October 27-30, 2016, with a Grand Opening Celebration Weekend.
Elvis Presley Enterprises [https://www.graceland.com/lodging/guesthouse/accolades.aspx]
As we can see, the Suspicion is sure raised as we can see people giving 5, 4 & 1 star ratings in August, September and October 2016.

But Let's Forget About The Stars (sorry, I could not resist), because if we look further on the page we see that there are written reviews from guests as far back as July 2016, were
rooms available in July? How about during Elvis Week? How many fans did anyone of you who stayed in Memphis during Elvis Week meet who were boasting about residing at then
yet to be opened Guest House at Graceland?

Here are those written reviews previously mentioned:
OK, so you gotta appreciate the tweaking of the Suspicion sensors when you read these "Reviews" .... Read them again and notice the way they are written. When you read these
"reviews" they give the impression they were not written by the average tourist or hotel customer? They're almost what you'd expect to be found in a tourism brochure.

So what about holiday snaps? Almost everyone takes pictures of their hotel room. Especially Elvis fans who are staying in an Elvis themed room or indeed an Elvis themed hotel.
Take a look at this posting from one seemingly satisfied "customer" who not only wrote about her (sorry, their) experience, but also provided a selection of photo's of the room they
were staying in?
Well, there we are. The Guest House At Graceland officially opens in a few days but according to the official facebook page, they have been renting out rooms and having
customers to stay ever since ELVIS WEEK????? Heck, one 5 Star review from JULY?

Many of those who have so far reviewed their stay actually live in MEMPHIS and chose to spend the night in one of, if not THE most expensive hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. In fact
you can book cheaper rooms at the luxurious Peabody Hotel.

It's all a little odd don't you think? Let us know by e-mailing the show and tell us what you think? Or have you stayed at the hotel before it was open????
Either way, mail us your thoughts (
Subject = Suspicious Hotel) to elvisexpress@ntlworld.com