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October 17, 2016  -   Licensing.biz  /  Elvis Express Radio
The team has reconstructed a section of Danilo’s first Elvis Presley calendar to celebrate over 35 years of the business.

To celebrate over 35 years since the launch of the business, the team at Danilo has reconstructed a section of the first ever-official Elvis Presley Calendar Cover that Danilo
published in 1979.

In a video uploaded by the company, the Elvis collage has been created using over 1,000 Danilo calendars, diaries and greetings cards.

Claire Bates, online marketing manager at Danilo, said in the video: “We see this as well as something fun to do, a great way of paying tribute to the king himself. We’re very
pleased that Elvis was our subject for today.”

Check out the video of Danilo re-creating the calendar below: