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October 14, 2016  -  South China Morning Post  /  Elvis Express Radio
The late King Bhumibol, an accomplished saxophone player who once led his own jazz band, met Elvis Presley during a visit to Hollywood in 1960.

Go into any Thai restaurant the world over and there will very likely be portraits of the late Thai king Bhumibol Adulyadej gazing down at diners with his benevolent smile.

One of the more common photos you might have seen while tucking into a pad Thai actually features two kings – Bhumibol and the king of rock, Elvis Presley.

The meeting came when lifelong music fan Bhumibol and his wife, Queen Sirikit, visited Hollywood’s Paramount Studios in 1960, while Elvis was filming the musical G.I Blues.

The king had been a fan of Presley for several years, although when it came to music, he was more a disciple of jazz than the rock

Rumour has it that Jazz legend, Duke Ellington was also present at this meeting, but no photo's have surfaced as yet to confirm these reports.