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Viewers were in for a shock when Priscilla Presley appeared on Lorraine today.

The iconic star sat down for a chat with Lorraine Kelly on the sofa, but fans rushed to Twitter to claim that they could barely recognise her.

She sat down for a rare UK interview to open up about her marriage to rock and roll icon, Elvis Presley.

Despite being 71-years-old, the star shocked viewers with her wrinkle-free appearance and many rushed to Twitter to suggest she's had cosmetic surgery.

One viewer rushed to Twitter, saying: "Flicking thru channels on TV and thought I saw a Lizard being interviewed on Lorraine. Turns out it was Priscilla Presley after surgery! (sic)"

"Bloody hell. When did Priscilla Presley turn into Jackie Stallone? #Lorraine," continued another.

"Priscilla Presley on Lorraine.. 71? Oh dear. Only her mouth moves!"

It wasn't an entirely bad reception for the star though, as some gushed about how youthful she looked.

One fan wrote: "Priscilla Presley on #Lorraine - she looks incredible."

"How unbelievably stunning is #PriscillaPresley Woah! 71!! #Lorraine @ITV," added another.

Speaking about her late husband, she told Lorraine: "There was no one else like him... He was fantastic.

"Caring, empathetic, all those things but he had his moods as well, but they were mostly creativity driven as he was into his career," she added.
October 13, 2016  -  The Mirror  /  Elvis Express Radio
UNRECOGNISABLE: Priscilla Presley back in 1967 with her natural beauty (left) and as she is now in 2016
(right), her beauty replaced by unnatural smile and features, making her less of a beauty queen more a ventriloquist's puppet.