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Every corner of the world knows the name ELVIS!

Every corner of the world knows about a Juice drink!

BUT, have you heard of a drink called ELVIS JUICE?

We present a show every week and we receive news updates and press releases many times each day and we had never heard of such a thing.... Until now!

EPE have made threats of legal action against the Brewdog boys James Watt and Martin Dickie who as a mark of protest have legally changed both their names to Elvis, which we
here at Elvis Express Radio think is a fantastic and funny response to EPE's demand that they and they alone own the name ELVIS.

Anyway, until EPE kicked up a whole world of Trouble, not too many people had ever heard of 'Elvis Juice', but now that they have, just about every Elvis fan on the planet is now
fully aware of 'Elvis Juice' and many of those will no doubt want to either try one, collect one or get a box (see above image) for their collections. So if nothing else, Elvis and Elvis
should thank EPE for what has become a FREE worldwide advertising campaign.

The following is what's reported in the 'Daily Record'.

DON'T Be Cruel, is what the co-founders of hip Scottish beer brand, Brewdog, are asking of the legal team surrounding Elvis Presley's estate.
It would seem that James Watt and Martin Dickie - who founded the brand back in 2007 - are All Shook by the thought of being sued by the team representing The King.

The move comes as the brewery faces legal action from the Suspicious Minds at the legendary entertainer’s estate, who are not entirely impressed at BrewDog’s decision to name
their grapefruit & blood orange IPA, Elvis Juice.

The newly titled Elvis Dickie argued, “We would like to recommend that Presley’s Estate diverts its attention to another potential source of quick remuneration: a brewery that calls
itself ‘The King’ of beer.”

The singer's representatives are claiming that the name infringes upon the image rights of the late icon. James and Martin (sorry, Elvis and Elvis) have responded to this allegation
in a typically quirky fashion.

They claim that the name Elvis is not exclusive to one man and, to prove their point, they've BOTH taken on the legendary mantle.

Elvis Watt said, “We’re Caught In A Trap and suggest the grey-suited Hound Dogs at the Presley estate recognise that the name Elvis is not exclusive.

"So, in an effort to Patch It Up, we’ve changed our names to highlight our Burning Love for the best grapefruit IPA out there. From this point forward, Elvis Juice is named after us,
the brewers formerly known as James and Martin.

"We may even file a case against Mr Presley for using our names on all his records without our written permission.”

BrewDog launched the Elvis Juice IPA earlier this year and it has become one of their best-selling products. Here's hoping that there's a Little Less Conversation about suing and
little more peaceful beer drinking.

We have to say, we're surprised that EPE are threatening legal action against Brewdog, especially after they had lost their legal action in the British Law Courts against Sid Shaw
of Elvisly Yours Ltd. This victory meant that outside the USA, Elvis fan clubs and fans alike can tell EPE to go to hell because the UK the Courts ruled that Elvis Presley is public
domain. Elvis belongs to the people and not to a bunch of lawyers and under EPE control in Memphis, USA.

Check out
www.uspto.gov/main/trademarks.htm for some interesting reading. There was a hiatus for six years in the US when Elvis Presley was public domain. It seems that no one
challenged these applications for 'Elvis Presley trade marks' and so began EPE's total monopoly of 'Elvis Presley' in the USA.

This monopoly was in 1984 reinforced by the passing secretly, without public debate, in the State of Tennessee, the Law for the "Right of Publicity". The Law was written by Roger
Richmond, an attorney for EPE and back-dated (yes EPE had the new law Back-dated?) to Elvis' death. Roger's forte was phoning up stores opposite Graceland and threatening
to have the owners arrested by the Sheriff if they did not remove unlicensed Elvis goods from their shelves; but they ignored him.

Anyway, we here at EER wish Elvis and Elvis all the best wishes and luck with their upcoming battle and we look forward to brining our fellow fans updates as we get them as the
case moves forward.
October 09, 2016  -  Elvis Express Radio

Break out the rhinestone suit, gas up the
Cadillac, and take this fruit farm for a test
drive down Sunset Strip.

Packing more fruit than the State of California,
our citrus caped crusader will obliterate your

A zest zenith on the nose, fruity foreplay gives
way to an all out sensory assault. A truck load
of grapefruit, orange and peach collide in an
inter-state pile up. A fruity, hoppy cocktail of
flavour builds up to a crescendo and a bitter
finale leaves you screaming for more. Elvis
has left the building.

Pay homage to the bejewelled Beelzebub of
fruity IPA's. A hopped up power ballad for the
twenty-first century. The King is back and he's
juiced up and ready to roll. Elvis Juice, the
absolute King in a world of wannabes.