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Last year, a collection of Elvis Presley songs with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra reimagined the King’s music within an orchestral setting. A new volume titled, “The Wonder of
You,” is out later this month and features more of Presley’s upbeat numbers – including one of his biggest hits, “Suspicious Minds.” The song premieres bellow.

Originally written by Mark James in 1968, “Suspicious Minds” became a No. 1 hit for Presley a year later. Over the years, artists like the Fine Young Cannibals, Dwight Yoakam and
Waylon Jennings recorded versions of their own.

Along with “Suspicious Minds,” the album features “A Big Hunk O’ Love,” “I Got a Thing About You Baby,” and “Always on My Mind.”

Patrick says this time around, they approached the recording and arrangements differently.

“We wanted to create a more upbeat, ‘celebratory ‘ feeling for the listener,” he says of the new collection. “We worked more from the ground up, adding rhythm elements first and
then adding the orchestral parts later in the process. This gave us the ability to focus on the rhythmic energy of the songs and help us understand what Elvis was responding to
during the original recordings.”

All this week, the album, 'The Wonder of You' has been selected as BBC Radio 2's "Album of The Week".

“The Wonder of You” is out Oct. 21 on RCA/Legacy. Listen to “Suspicious Minds” with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra below:
October 07, 2016  -  Sony Music / Elvis Express Radio