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Car of the day: 1959 Pink Cadillac Convertible

Owners: Don and Brigid Maddox of Springdale, Arkansas

I love you because: “We bought it about a year ago,” Don Maddox said. “It was a four-door. Hard to believe, but we made it into a two-door convertible.”
The convertible was not only painted a custom pink but it has a silhouette of Elvis on its doors.
“I grew up in Arkansas not far from Memphis. I didn’t know Elvis, but we came up around the same time — I was in France when he was stationed in Germany.”

Don’t be cruel: The Cadillac is pretty long.
“It’s about 18-feet long, but with the continental kit on it, it’s about 20-feet,” he said.
Return to sender: Don said he started rebuilding Cadillacs as a hobby a few years ago.
“I needed something to do after I retired,” he said. “I heard there are three other ones this year at Cruisin’ The Coast that I built.”

Rubberneckin’: Don said this is about the 18th year he’s been to Cruisin’ The Coast.
“We love to come down here. It’s such a great show,” he said. “Most shows are intense and everybody is worrying about points, but down here, it’s just relaxed and we have a great

Love me (legal) tender: And Don said the King of Cadillacs could be yours — for a price.

“If someone wants to buy it, I will sell it to them for $45,000,” he said.
October 05, 2016  -  Sun Herald  /  Elvis Express Radio