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Veteran actor Burt Reynolds lends his voice to narrate a love story in like no other in Kill The King.

After both are admitted to the Second Chances mental facility, Southern Belle Karen Bird (Emily Browning) and Jack Blueblood (Luke Grimes) fall madly in love,

forging an unbreakable bond that is both immediate and very passionate. When Karen is mistreated by resident doctor Jack seeks retribution by killing him, before the pair then
embark on a mission which will see the killing continue - to assassinate the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley (Ron Livingston).

Ruthlessly disposing of anyone that gets in their way, the young couple escape the facility and make a beeline to Elvis' hometown. On route they pass through Jack's home town
North Dakota, where they are then joined by his childhood friend Teijo (Avan Jogia), whose main dream in life is to become a woman.

You can now catch the world exclusive trailer for its home release above, as Kill The King becomes available on Digital Download, Blu-ray TM and DVD on November 14th courtesy
of Universal Pictures (UK).
October 04, 2016  -  What Culture  /  Elvis Express Radio