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Lights, camera, action. A film crew taped their newest movie at Black Hills Vinyl, Sunday.

'Never Been to Graceland' tells the story of music.

"Sound is rolling. Quiet on set. Camera's rolling. Never Been to Graceland scene 6C take 2."

And action.

This crew is bringing Elvis Presley back to life - almost 40 years after he died.

But The King isn't the climax of this tale.

Justin Gausman, the director and writer, said "King is a four letter word as far as we are concerned. We're focused on the importance of the music and how that affects people."

The film - 'Never Been to Graceland' - tells the story of a reporter and Elvis fan traveling to Rapid City - searching for a long-lost Presley recording.

Viewers are drawn into this plot - which has a message of hope.

Gausman said "Whether you're young, old, whatever - music changes people, affects people, and saves people."

And it hits close to home for the movie's director and writer - Justin Gausman.

'Never Been to Graceland' was inspired by his personal story.

Gausman said "I was kind of in a place 5 years ago where I needed some hope. And Elvis' music gave me some hope."

The Hot Springs local normally writes comedy - but this short film is his take on drama.

And this Rapid City business was a match.

Gausman said "I walked in, and I've never been here before. And immediately I was like 'this is the place where we have to shoot.'"

Michael Calabrese, the co-owner of Black Hills Vinyl, said "Great story about music. So we're really happy to be a part of it."

The movie has been in the works for about 3 years now.

The cast and crew are from across the Black Hills and will finish shooting next weekend.

But, the film is expected to be released next August - in honor of the King of Rock and Roll's death - the 40th anniversary.

Calabrese said "Everyone has something they can connect to, regardless of what it is. Music is universal."

'Never Been to Graceland' will be available to watch online once it's released.
September 25, 2016  - KEVN Black Hills FOX   /  Elvis Express Radio