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Celebrate at The Guest House at Graceland

Fan Appreciation Weekend, November 4-6, 2016

Join us as we continue to celebrate the opening weeks of The Guest House at Graceland with a special weekend for Elvis fans. Events throughout the weekend include a welcome
reception, Guest House tours, a special screening of Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii in the new Guest House Theater, a Graceland Archives presentation, and a performance by The
Brad Birkedahl Band. Elvis Radio’s DJ Argo will host an afternoon of special guests including Marian Cocke (Elvis’ nurse), Tupelo Fan Club Founder Barbara Mallory and
acclaimed Elvis artist Betty Harper, plus Elvis trivia and special video presentations in the new Guest House Theater.

November 4-6, 2016 at a special rate:  $149 per night, plus tax (We think they meant to say
TAXES, after all, Elvis fans pay FOUR separate taxes at EPE properties).
All fan events at The Guest House are included in the weekend package.   
Two night stay required on nights of November 4 and 5, 2016.

($10 per night additional for third and fourth adult in guest room. Standard deposit and cancellation policy applies. Food/beverage/Sunday brunch at Guest House restaurants
offered separately.)

EER Adds: So, the so called "Fan Appreciation Day" only applies if you book a minimum of 2 nights and then add the Tax(es) on top. State Tax, Local Tax, Occupancy Tax and
last but by no means least, the highly controversial Tourism Tax (aka, the Elvis Fan Tax which EPE applied for themselves, its NOT a city or state enforced Tax).

Below is a full breakdown of staying at the 'Guest House' for "Fan Appreciation Weekend".