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An Intimate Conversation with Lamar Fike
September 08, 2016  -  Press Release  /  Elvis Express Radio
A new book on the extraordinary life and career of Elvis Presley has just been published by Hound Dog Books & Media.

"Elvis: Truth, Myth & Beyond – An Intimate Conversation with Lamar Fike, Elvis Presley's Closest Friend and Confidant" presents 400 questions about Presley's life
and career with 400 corresponding in-depth answers by longtime colleague, Lamar Fike.
Their friendship dated from 1954 (just before Presley's first history-making Sun records) until the day Elvis died in 1977. Lamar was there for the entire ride:  Hollywood, the Army,
Las Vegas and everything in-between.

Though virtually every public moment of his life has been documented, Presley himself left no private memoir, diary or revealing personal correspondence.

In ebook and paperback, "Elvis: Truth, Myth & Beyond" fills that void with a 190-page, 56,000-word mother lode of informed and tantalizing insights into the character of the man
who irreversibly changed 20th-century musical and cultural history.

A charter member of Presley's famed "Memphis Mafia", Fike lived with Elvis and his parents at Graceland in 1957-58 and became intimately aware of the complex family history and
psychological dynamics that would influence Elvis until his final hour.

"We knew what each other was thinking," said Fike. "Brothers are that way. Twins are that way. We were that way."

Until his death in 2011, Lamar Fike remained an authoritative source of first-hand Elvis information, inviting journalists L.E. McCullough and Harold F. Eggers, Jr. to interview him in
his Nashville, Tennessee, home. The intensive, marathon Q. and A. yielded a fresh crop of never-before-shared glimpses into what made Elvis tick.

"Elvis:  Truth, Myth & Beyond" features recollections about Fike and Presley by music industry luminaries including Ray Baker, Jimmy Bowen, Jerry Chesnut, Kenny Davis, Kevin
Eggers, Eddie Kilroy, Tommy McDonald, Pat Rolfe, Bill Sparkman, Little David Wilkins and Anita Wood — with a special foreword by Fike's esteemed Memphis Mafia colleague,
Marty Lacker.

In conversations with the authors, Lamar Fike repeatedly emphasized this book as a way of presenting and preserving as much
"real truth" about Elvis as possible.

You'll find that truth and more in
"Elvis:  Truth, Myth & Beyond" — available online at BookBaby, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iTunes, Goodreads and other retailers.
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