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August 28, 2016  -  RADAR Online /  Elvis Express Radio
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Elvis Presley died August 16, 1977. Just 12 days later, a group of men tried to steal his remains and hold them for ransom.

The plan to steal the king's body is detailed in the documentary
"The Man Who Dared to Steal the King". It was made by Tri-Marq Communications, a media production
company in Milwaukee.

The company got the details of the plot from an interview with Raymond "Bubba" Green, a man who claimed to be the ringleader.

“This producer says well hey, I’ve got this thing that’s been sitting on the shelf for a while. Would you mind taking a look at it,” said Tom Graybill, vice president of sales at Tri-Marq.

“So I’m watching this, and it’s the most fascinating story that I’ve ever heard of about this guy who plotted with other conspirators to steal the body of Elvis Presley,” he said.

In the documentary, “Bubba” explains why someone must have alerted police to the plot before they tried to carry it out. “I said go straight and instead of going straight he turned
right and pulled right down to where CBS, ABC, NBC, the SWAT teams… everyone in the world was waiting for us right there,” Green said.

The documentary looks at theories on who could’ve tipped off police and how Green managed to avoid going to prison for the attempted heist.

More information about The Man Who Dared to Steal the King below.....

August 16, 1977. The undisputed King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, dies in Memphis, Tennessee.

August 29, 1977. Three desperate men are arrested - accused of plotting to steal the body of Elvis, all for a King's ransom.

It's a story few have heard, and one you will never forget.

For the first time, Raymond "Bubba" Green, the ringleader of these alleged body snatchers, tells his story about the conspiracy, the plan, and the aftermath of the raid on Elvis'

Discover the whirlwind of corruption and greed that drove an unthinkable crime, grave robbing the most famous corpse in America.

Who was the mysterious stranger with the briefcases full of maps, photos, and cash? Who was really behind the plot - and who benefited from this dark and dangerous plan?

Bubba Green tells all in this mysterious chapter in the legend of Elvis Presley. A chapter that would have lasting implications for the legacy of the greatest icon in music.

Bubba Green -
"The Man Who Dared to Steal the King."