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Linda Thompson has always been a firm favourite of Elvis fans through the years for never selling Elvis down the river, unlike so many others who have done so for a fast buck.
With the time she spent with Elvis, I have no doubt Linda could have written one of the most beautiful and sad books ever written about their love for each other, but disappointingly
she has opted for a more tabloid friendly book that would of course grab their interest.

Elvis Presley may have charmed his fans, but at home, the King of Rock and Roll terrorized his longtime girlfriend Linda Thompson in the years before his overdose death, she
claims in her new memoir, Little Thing Called Life.

Just a few weeks after meeting at a Memphis theater in 1972, Presley whisked new girlfriend Thompson, then just a 22-year-old student and pageant queen, away to Las Vegas. In
his hotel room, she noticed at least a dozen prescription pill bottles at the side of the bed. "He looked around, so used to seeing the bottles, he apparently didn't even notice them
anymore, and he had to stare at them for a moment before he formulated an answer," she writes, adding that he claimed he had been sick. "I believed him, because, at that point, I
had no reason not to."

Weeks into their relationship, Presley admitted he was a "jealous mother***er," Thompson claims. "I don't ever want to see you looking at another man. I don't want to see you talk
about another man," she says he told her.

One day, Presley picked up one of his many guns and shot a bullet through Thompson's bathroom— while she was standing nearby! It missed her by just inches, she claims. "What
the hell were you doing?" she says she yelled. "You could have killed me!" He later apologized.

During a visit to a dentist's office in Los Angeles, Thompson says she witnessed Presley taking "handfuls" of pills and stuffing them into his pockets. At that point, she claims she
knew he took meds to sleep, wake up, and go on stage.

Thompson, who had been a virgin before she met Presley, was shocked by her boyfriend's porn collection. He played adult film The Devil in Miss Jones for her, and laughed when
she was shocked by the onscreen sex acts. "I guess I was too much of a Goody Two-shoes at the time to get into it like Elvis may have hoped I would," she writes.

Thompson first noticed Presley's violent side when he "slapped and punched" a former member of his entourage whom he believed had stolen "personal" Polaroids of an ex-
girlfriend "engaged in a simulated sex act with another woman," she writes. "We all knew how dangerous Elvis's rage could be."

Presley's lust for sex and pills was matched by his insatiable appetite for food. "Whenever he asked me to cook for him, I made sure to prepare a pound of bacon, a six-egg omelet,
and five or six pieces of toast. It was like cooking for an army," she recalls in awe. He sometimes would even eat an entire box of Eskimo Pies ice cream bars.

While under the influence of drugs, an unsteady Presley once showed off his Samurai sword moves on a motionless Thompson, who feared for her life. "I don't think I breathed at
all for at least 60 seconds, knowing as I did that his capabilities were impaired because of the drugs," she says. "But he was as good as his word, and he didn't so much as scratch
me, or even touch me."

One day, Thompson agreed to give Presley a shot of vitamin B into his behind— and was shocked by the "disturbing" sight of his naked buttocks. "Clearly these types of injections
were something he'd been doing for a long time, long enough to give him scar tissue that had formed into hard knots," she says. "I knew enough by this point to understand that he
hadn't always been getting injected with vitamins."

Presley began to become violent toward his young love, she alleges. When she confronted him about his suspected affairs, he threw a plate of spaghetti against the wall. "Just shut
up!" she says he screamed. He then followed her into the bathroom, and pushed her backward.

At the end of 1974, Thompson also makes claims that Elvis added marijuana to his daily drug cocktails.

When the rocker turned 40 in 1975, he became "obsessed" with getting plastic surgery. Ignoring his doctor's concerns, he underwent a facelift. "He seemed to feel better when he
looked in the mirror," Thompson says.

Soon after, Presley was hospitalized for what he told the press was "intestinal blockage." However, the model claims doctors really needed to "stabilize" his drug use.

In order to lose weight, Presley went on an extreme diet where a doctor put him under near-constant sedation for two weeks. "I felt like I'd stumbled into a backward reality where
bizarre, unhealthy behavior was considered the norm," she writes.

Under the influence of sedative Placidyl and perhaps other medications, Presley once passed out facedown into a bowl of chicken noodle soup, Thompson claims. His "terrified"
girlfriend saved his life by administering a shot of Ritalin prescribed for emergencies.

According to doctors who treated him during a subsequent two-week hospitalization, Presley had been abusing powerful painkillers Demerol, Diludid and Percodan, Thompson
says, adding that he was given methadone to ease him out of opiate withdrawal.

Thompson says she knew she had to leave her troubled boyfriend when she discovered him having sexual relations with a Graceland employee in daughter Lisa Marie's bed while
the little girl wasn't home. When she threatened to leave him, she claims he pushed her to the ground and laughed as she cried. "My fairy tale was ending," she writes.

Just eight months after the split, Thompson learned of her ex's tragic death from his young daughter in a shocking phone call. "Linda! My daddy's dead!" the little girl cried so much.