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August 18, 2016  -  TMZ  /  Tony [EER News-Hound Dog]  /  Elvis Express Radio
Prince's home is now the domain of the King -- as in Elvis Presley's people running tours at Paisley Park.

The bank that manages Prince's estate -- Bremer Trust -- just announced the deal that puts the people who run Graceland in charge of public tours, which are set to begin in

Prince's sister, Tyka Nelson, is reportedly on board with the Elvis plan, but sources close to the heirs tell TMZ not everyone in the family agrees.

We're told the dissenting family members objected, in part, because
Graceland Holdings has previously had financial problems. As it stands, team Elvis would get 50% of
revenue generated by Paisley Park tours.

We're told Bremer's currently negotiating with the family in hopes of getting everyone on board, but that's more for PR purposes. Fact is, the tours are going to happen ... but it
seems the bank just wants to make sure Prince family members don't publicly bad mouth the deal.
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Prince was obviously inspired by Elvis' style and now the Kings estate is running Princes place.