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August 21, 2016  -  Rockwell Records /  Elvis Express Radio
A New release from the UK based Rockwell Records is the vinyl album "Nashville City Limits". This set is limited to 200 copies in Ruby-Red Vinyl.

The NASHVILLE CITY LIMITS album is dedicated Elvis' historic music recorded at RCA Studio B in Nashville, Tennessee.

The press-release uses the albums liner notes which are written by our very own Joe Krein
Few rooms in the music world have seen as much history as RCA’s Studio B in Nashville.  Steve Sholes, RCA’s head of Country recording since the late 1940s, had signed Elvis
Presley to the label in November 1955.  Elvis’ success helped Sholes and guitarist-producer Chet Atkins to convince their bosses that RCA needed its own studio in Nashville.

Studio B opened in November 1957.  Soon thereafter, Sholes and Atkins, along with Owen Bradley and a few other Nashville producers, responded to the rock & roll insurgence by
beginning to make records in a smoother, more pop-influenced style, often employing string and horn sections and background singers – not to mention an A-list of core musicians.  
This so-called Nashville Sound resulted in many crossover hits and helped establish Nashville as one of the nation’s premier recording cities.  

Oopps: Looks like the albums producer could have done with some extra advise from us here at E.E.R when it came down to the song line-up. The first 3 songs on side A were
            NOT recorded in Studio B. Oh and track 3 on side 2 is called "The Girl Next Door Went A‘Walking" -  Hey Rockwell, remember Lee & Joe are here to assist in making sure
            these silly cock-ups don't happen.

Album Rundown
Recorded In Studio B Nashville

Side one:
01. I Want You, I Need You, I love You
02. Money Honey
03. I Was The One
04. A Fool Such As I
05. Ain’t That Loving You Baby
06. Soldier Boy
07. It Feels So Right

Side two:
01. Dirty, Dirty Feeling
02. The Thrill Of Your Love
03. The Girl Next Door Went ‘Walking
04. Working On A Building
05. In Your Arms
06. I Want You With Me
07. Starting Today
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