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August 19, 2016  -  The Gazette  /  Elvis Express Radio
'I have no idea how big my collection is,' says Albert Mack :: 'How can you count that lot? You must be talking about 4,000 or 5,000 pieces'

A great-grandad has revealed a collection of Elvis memorabilia so complete it even includes an “authentic” strand of The King’s hair.

In his younger years, Albert Mack, says he bore a striking likeness to his hero - the man they called The King of Rock and Roll.

Now aged 76, Albert has been putting together his collection of Elvis records, statues, books, pictures and memorabilia for more than 60 years.

“I’m not a hoarder, I’m a collector,” said Albert, “Elvis wasn’t a one-hit-wonder, he was a one off - to me, he’s always been the greatest.

“I started collecting in 1956. I have no idea how big my collection is. How can you count that lot? You must be talking about 4,000 or 5,000 pieces.”

Albert’s extensive collection includes just about anything an Elvis fan could ever dream of.

One framed record even has a plaque that boasts: “This gold record contains an authentic strand of Elvis Presley’s hair.”

But Albert isn’t convinced....“How could you ever know?” he said?

Among Albert’s most prized possessions is a "super-rare" 1954 bootleg of Elvis’ first ever demo recording - “That’s all right”.

“The label says Hillbilly Cat,” said Albert, “That’s what Elvis was called at first, because of where he came from they called him a Hillbilly.

“That’s probably the rarest, oldest and most valuable thing I have."

Albert added: “It cost me £5 in 1957 - nearly half a week’s wages.”

Because the recording was pressed illegally in 1954, the 45-RPM record is still subject to particular rules of resale.

“Because it’s a bootleg, I can only sell it to a collector, not to a dealer,” said Albert.

“But I do want to sell it on now - I need the money.”

EER Adds: What Mr Mack does have right is that it is 7inch vinyl is indeed a bootleg, and it is collectible, but sure won't pay the bills.... maybe a bill? A small one?
                 We guess that Albert has got himself somewhat confused, you see, he claims that he bought the 'Hillbilly Cat' 45 back in 1957 for around £5.00, as he said it was nearly
                 half a weeks wages back then!

                 We're sorry to tell you Albert, but your 1957 rare record is in actual fact, from 1971 and on the A side is 'Thats All Right' and on the B side is 'My Baby's Gone' which is
                 an alternate slow version of the classic SUN recording, "I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone".
Albert with what he calls "the rarest, oldest and most valuable thing I have." .... Yet this record is not what he thinks, or claims it to be.