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August 18, 2016  -  Various  /  Elvis Express Radio
Many of you may well remember the news, back in January 2015, when the bronze slab, located in the German town of Bad Nauheim, where Elvis lived during his stint in the U.S
Army from October 1958 until March 1960 and to commemorate this momentous occasion, The Original bronze slab was unveiled in 2008 in front of the local tourist office and saw
Elvis inducted as part of the German towns Walk Of Fame was stolen by person or persons unknown.

The Original bronze slab was unveiled in 2008 in front of the local tourist office. Despite the uniqueness of the tribute, police have unfortunately never found the slab or the thieves,
despite a reward of 750 euros being offered, the police did not come to the thief on . However, it is believed to have been stolen by a fan who had used brute force with the help of
something like a crowbar. It wouldn't be the first time In Bad Nauheim that good things had disappeared. Local officials acknowledge that some Elvis fans visiting the city want to take
home a souvenir.
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Back in June (2016), the street sign with the name "Elvis Presley Blvd.," which was located at the little bridge on the river was stolen and even a
beautiful bouquet of flowers had been stolen from the memorial plaque, located at the Elvis Presley Platz.  

And then, of course, the bronze plaque which was laid in front of the tourist information office had also been stolen.  

In the months after the theft of the plaque, fans hoped in vain for a wealthy donor to allow for the casting of a new slab. There was also an  
additional problem: The Buderus art casting workshop in Hirzenhain, where the origin of plaque had been made, closed down at the end of 2014,
and the original mold was untraceable.

And so the hunt was on for a new bronze tribute to be created and replace the stolen original.

Now there is good news for all Elvis Presley Fans, the towns Walk of Fame Association agreed to take care of the problem and has secured
financing to get a brand new bronze slab produced for the town of Bad Nauheim.  

Association Chairman Klaus Neuhöfer announced that "artist Detlef Ritter has designed and cast the new Elvis plaque, and whats even better
than before is that the production of the new plate costs only half of the amount of the originalexplains Klaus Neuhöfer.
The plaque was placed where in belongs on August 16th 2016 in honour of Elvis Aaron Presley ...........on the "Walk of Fame" in Bad Nauheim.