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August 17, 2016  -  Reel Cowboys  /  Elvis Express Radio
Elvis Presley is known the world over as the King of Rock 'N' Roll, he has received awards in almost every field of the entertainment world and now he is to be honored for his  
contributions made to the Western movies genre.

The Reel Cowboys are very proud to honor ...... ELVIS PRESLEY - "The King"

He has more than earned the prestigious
Silver Spur Award

Even though he was named the 20th centuries most prolific singer / entertainer in 2000, Elvis Presley's contribution to western films (Love Me Tender [1956], Flaming Star [1960],
and Charro [1969]) is what makes him deserve this honor.

In addition, he will also receive the National Veterans Memorial medal for military service to his beloved country.

Tthe Reel Cowboys have been active for more than 19 years, and produce the famed
“Silver Spur Awards”, of which the profits help support various charities, such as “National
Veterans Memorial”. If you go online to www.ReelCowboys.org, you will see, when you click on the
“Members” button, all the past Silver Spur honorees. They are famous celebrities
that have worked in westerns, making them Lifetime members of the Reel Cowboys. We are known in 188 countries, and have been labeled “The Oscars of Westerns.”

This year, we are giving a posthumous award to
Elvis Presley for his work in several western films (Love Me Tender in 1956, Flaming Star in 1960, and Charro in 1969), as well as
honoring him for his military service.  Other honorees that will be attending are Ed Faulkner, Richard Herd, Ben Bates (stuntman), and many others. Several other guests that will be
attending, are: Morgan Woodward, Bruce Boxleitner, Wyatt McCrea, Janet Arness, Edie Hand (Elvis’ Cousin), Bo Svenson, Louis Gossett Jr., Johnny Crawford, Martin Landau, just
to name a few.

Also attending is a long-time friend of Elvis, Jerry Schilling, who will be receiving the awards that will be placed at Graceland.

In addition, one of Elvis’ high school classmates, Jimmy Angel will be there. We have also invited Lisa Marie & Priscilla Presley.
The Cowboy King: Elvis to be honored for his roles as a cowboy in his movies, Love Me Tender, Flaming Star and Charro
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