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August 17, 2016  -  The Spectator  /  Elvis Express Radio
It's no secret that John Wilkinson was and, as far as I'm concerned, still is a very dear friend of mine who I miss speaking with and e-mailing more and more as time moves by.

I remember back in 2004 when we brought John over to the UK and one of the amazing moments when he told me to come over closer to him and he removed his TCB and placed it
around my neck. John looked at me and told me, "I don't do this for just anyone you know?", I was dumb struck and lost for worlds and even had a tear in my eye. I can still feel the
hairs on my body stand on end when I had that TCB on. Johnny allowed me to wear it for about 30 minutes until I aid to him he'd better take in back before I swap it for my copy lol.

Johnny told me he would never sell his TCB as it was his treasured gift from his dear friend Elvis...... And he never did.

So how cool it is now to see that Johnny's TCB is now to have a permanent home in the History Museum in his home town of Springfield.

Yesterday, august 16th, to mark the 39th Anniversary of Elvis' passing, the History Museum celebrated the donation from John's lovely wife, Terry, by opening a permanent display
honoring the king of rock and roll and Wilkinson's role in music history.

John first met Elvis at a concert at the shrine mosque in 1956 and then later in 1969 he became the Rhythm guitarist in Elvis' legendary TCB band and would (along with James
Burton), be the only member of the TCB band to NEVER LEAVE Elvis. John does have the honour of being the only TCB band member to never threaten to leave Elvis.

John Sellar, Executive Director of the history museum said, " I think it's going to be very exciting for people to see and I think this will add to the attraction, as far as visitors and
people coming from other places that will want to stop and see the museum just because of this Elvis related memorabilia."

Visitors can see the necklace and other items when museum renovations are complete next spring.

Johnny passed away in 2013 and his is missed deeply.
Johnny and Terry together, John wearing his beloved TCB Pendent given to him by Elvis which I was honored to wear for a few moments when
John stayed with us in Brighton, England back in 2004. Now on display in the Springfield Museum