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July 29, 2016  -  By Amanda Wicks for 93XRT  /  Elvis Express Radio
Elvis Presley’s estate will no doubt draw a high bidding war among the 197 Lots of Elvis Presley treasure up for grabs, includings four major items from the King’s estate that will be
auctioned off on August 13 at Graceland.

Among the items are his
birth certificate, a guitar he often played throughout the 1950s and 1960s, the karate outfit he wore while working towards his seventh degree black belt
and a still-working revolver, according to Invaluable, the auction house handling the items. The guitar alone is expected to bring in between $20,000 and $30,000. But recent
auctions involving music memorabilia have exceeded their speculative bids and then some. The same auction that sold Bowie’s hair (which was supposed to go for only a few
thousands dollars) also auctioned off Prince’s Yellow Cloud Guitar for over six figures.

The biggest item, however, will be Presley’s
birth certificate, which registered his birth in Tupelo, Mississippi as well as his twin brother Jesse’s stillborn death. Invaluable, who will
host the auction, estimates that document will sell for between
$80,000 and $100,000.

Besides the big-ticket items, Presley’s 1974 American Express card, along with a variety of clothing, jewelry and other items, will also be auctioned. See the auctions and details at

EER ADDS: How is it that something explained in black and white in the Press Release can be taken and turned into something its not (actually, come to think of it, scrap that lol).

There is NO birth certificate up for auction. The birth certificate and the Doctors birth record are two entirely separate documents.

In actual fact, the birth record [920] has the name listed as  
Evis Aaron Presley, missing out the L in Elvis. But on his official birth certificate, his name is listed as Elvis Aron
, this time missing out the second A in Aaron.

The birth record is the first written notice anywhere ever, was penned on a page of the offered historical document. This is the formal birth record of Elvis Aaron Presley, recorded
just minutes after his birth by Dr. Robert Hunt at 4:35 a.m. on the day he delivered Elvis, and his stillborn twin Jesse 35 minutes earlier, to Gladys and Vernon Presley.

The book’s significance as an artifact of the life of Elvis Presley cannot be overstated — if the Presley family had an original birth certificate, it’s been lost to time, leaving this
humble medical practitioner’s log as the single remaining original record of Elvis Presley coming into this world.

You can check out Elvis and Jesse's birth records at
LOT 29 at the Graceland Auction