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July 24, 2016  -  Derby Telegraph  /  Elvis Express Radio
Wood yew beleaf it, the King of Rock and Roll is back and overlooking traffic in Derbyshire.

A bush looking exactly like Elvis is leaving visitors "All Shrubbed Up" at the amazing similarity to the popular 1950s singer and actor. The topiary bush, in Milford, was originally the
work of Elvis fan David Wright, who created the lookalike shrub some 20 years ago.

Sadly he died four years ago but his wife Bridget has carried on the Elvis-like pruning and, this year, is opening her garden to the public to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society.

According to the BBC, Mrs Wright said her husband liked to do "quirky things" and keeping the bush meant his legacy lived on.

To celebrate, we have come up with these song puns based on some of the King's smash hits. But can you do any better? Tell us in the comments box, below.

All Shrubbed up

Leaf Me Tender

Are Yew Lonesome Tonight

I Just Can't Help Beleafing

Rooturn to Sender

Over to you....

EER Says: How could they have forgotten the obvious?
Wooden Heart
Singing Tree
Busha Nova Baby
Blue Suede Roots
Tree Corn Patches

Still, whatever song titles you can use to incorporate some form of foliage, the real fact of the matter should be highlighted, which is that it looks NOTHING LIKE ELVIS!!!!