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July 06, 2016  -  EPE   /  Elvis Express Radio
Jason Homyshin sits back in his second-floor apartment and pushes a button on his stereo. The bass booms the speakers followed by tight guitar licks.

Jason flashes a wide smile of accomplishment when the lyrics start. And, so he should: Jason wrote the words to the song, The King Lives On.

Jason uses a wheelchair and communicates by typing on an electronic keyboard because he was born with cerebral palsy. He also has a tremendous love of music, especially
Elvis Presley.

As a kid growing up in Edmonton, Jason’s parents introduced him to music — especially Elvis. Like Edmonton Oiler great Mark Messier, Jason’s favourite Elvis song is Suspicious

In an email exchange, Jason says one of his boyhood dreams was to become a songwriter.

“I can’t sing due to my physical disability,” emails Jason.

Now 49, he didn’t start writing lyrics until he was about 20 years old, thanks to television giant Oprah Winfrey. He was watching Winfrey at his parents’ home when she had a show
on about living out your dreams.

“At that moment, I looked at my computer and said to myself ‘I can write lyrics to songs’, ” said Jason, adding he wrote poetry as a kid.Since 2004, he has written six songs.

The King Lives On chronicles Elvis’ life, from his movies to those famous scenes in Hawaii. Jason cleverly wrote catchy lines at the end of the song, incorporating some of the titles
of some of Elvis’ most popular titles.

The challenge was finding someone to record the song.

Jason said he met many musicians who said they would help him, but nothing materialized.

Then, a couple of years ago, Jason approached local singer Laura Bachynski. She liked the words and had an idea: ask well-known Elvis impersonator Robin Kelly if he would sing

Done deal.
Laura asked her friend James Seabrook who runs Two Bodies of Water Productions in Edmonton if her band and Robin could record The King Lives On.

“Being in the recording studio and having my song recorded, which I wrote about my idol, and having it sung by an actual Elvis impersonator was absolutely awesome. It was
surreal,” emails Jason.

“There’s one specific part of this song where clapping was part of the melody of the song.  So, Robin, his band, my dog ACE, and I went into the recording box, put on headphones
and started clapping to the melody.  

“We made a video of our recording, and it was living a dream.”

But that was just the start of the wonderful ride for Jason.

“Hearing this particular song for the first time was completely breathtaking,” he said.   

“To write a song about your idol, and to have it performed by someone who sings like your idol, is probably once in a lifetime experience.  I don’t think about it too much because I
want to keep my feet on the ground.”

In May, Jason uploaded The King Lives On to iTunes.

He credits his parents for introducing music to him at a young age. He said music has been a constant companion.

Jason is currently working on writing a new song, A Split of An Instant. “Hopefully, this song will be recorded in the fall,” he emails.

(EER ADDS: You can take a little listen to this new tribute to Elvis by clicking below. BUT, why oh why do some people who perform a tribute to Elvis, in this case, Robin Kelly, deem
it necessary to sing such a song in the style (very loosely, and I mean LOOSELY!!!) of Elvis.)

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