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July 05, 2016  -  Cleveland.com   /  Elvis Express Radio
A pint-sized Elvis fan gave an impersonator a run for his money with a hip-swinging performance at the Love Gospel Jamboree in Saskatchewan on the weekend.

Three-year-old River Jardine-Mialkowsky loves Elvis Presley so much he knows all the words to five of his songs.

Elvis impersonator Leland Johnson spotted the toddler and his yellow guitar in the crowd at the festival in Love, Sask., 262 kilometres north of Saskatoon. When someone in the
crowd gave him a boost onto the stage, the youngster stole the show.

Viva Las Vegas  
His mother, Shannon Jardine, said her son started loving Elvis when the family was invited to a wedding in Las Vegas, Nev.
"Before we went, we started playing [him] Viva Las Vegas, and he learned that song and he loved it," she said.

"And when we got to the wedding, the bride and groom came into the church in a pink Cadillac with the Elvis impersonator driving it."
River can now sing That's All Right Mama, Suspicious Minds and Blue Suede Shoes among other Elvis classics.

He's got the moves
Jardine believes her son was drawn to "the king" for his stage presence, which she said River has been studying to refine his own moves.
"Elvis one time flipped his guitar over, so now River flips his guitar over like Elvis," she said.
"And I think also, if you look at the songs Elvis sings, in some ways the words are somewhat simple, that a toddler could learn the words."
Although River's moves stole the show at the Love Gospel Jamboree, he didn't get a chance to sing.

A solo show
Jardine said her family members, who are from Saskatchewan but live in Ontario, are planning to arrange a show where River could perform. He already has a
rhinestone-decorated outfit, and Jardine's brother has offered to drive the youngster to the show in his limousine.

She said River might have inherited his love of Elvis from his 78-year-old grandfather, who Jardine said had the same reaction when he first heard the singer.

"To think, you know, my dad sees that's how he responded to Elvis, and now he sees that this later generation, his grandchild, is reacting the same way that my dad did so many
years ago," she said.

"It feels like it's just timeless."