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July 05, 2016  -  Cleveland.com   /  Elvis Express Radio
CLEVELAND, Ohio – Sixty-two years ago today, Elvis Presley walked into Sam Phillips' Sun Record Co. studio and recorded his first commercial single – "That's All Right (Mama).''

That day – July 5, 1954 – began a career that, remarkably, is continuing today, despite Presley's death at the age of 42 in 1977. The B-side of that original 45 RPM was "Blue
Moon of Kentucky,'' which remains a personal favorite of mine.

Presley's discography contains either 14 or 18 No. 1 singles – depending on who is analyzing the history of Billboard's charts, which underwent several evolutions during the early
stages of the King's career. "That's All Right,'' written and originally recorded by Arthur "Big Boy'' Crudup in Chicago in 1946, actually includes some traditional blues verses that
reportedly were first recorded by Blind Lemon Jefferson in 1926.

Over the years, we had 50's Elvis, Soldier Elvis, Vegas Elvis, fat Elvis. Even today, an entire industry exists around Elvis impersonators from different eras, and most of those
impersonators usually stop in Cleveland in January during an annual show honoring Presley's birthday.

It's hard to imagine Kanye impersonators 60 years in the future.

All that aside, I was wondering about favorite tunes from the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer.
Take our poll, and use the comments section to convince other voters to follow your lead.

Below is the current standings of the votes (at time of writing 05/07/2016)
01. Suspicious Minds                   21.57%  
02. Other:                                    16.34%
03. Heartbreak Hotel                    11.11%
04. Can't Help Falling in Love      10.46%
05. That's All Right                      09.15%
06. Don't Be Cruel                       07.84%
07. Jailhouse Rock                      06.54%
08. Are You Lonesome Tonight   05.23%
09. Love Me Tender                    04.58%
10. All Shook Up                          02.61%
11. Blue Christmas                      02.61%
12. Hound Dog                            01.31%
13. Teddy Bear                           00.65%