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July 02, 2016  -  Blasting News & REELZ   /  Elvis Express Radio
Elvis Presley is once again the subject of some new tell-all books that are coming out around the upcoming 39th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death on August 16. The new books,
one written by his step-brother David Stanley called "My Brother Elvis" suggest that Presley told Stanley during their last conversation that he would be going away for a few days
and that the next time he saw him, he'd be on a higher plane.

Shocking details surrounding Elvis Presley's death revealed by the people he trusted
Stanley claims this last conversation between the men took place just two days before The King of Rock and Roll was found dead at his Graceland home at the age of 42 from an
apparent massive heart attack. Toxicology reports later revealed that traces of several drugs were found in Presley's system at the time of his death.

According to Stanley, Elvis' drug abuse was such a worrisome issue that before his death family and friends took turns keeping watch over Elvis, helping him to and from the
bathroom. He also claims that Elvis Presley would pass out while eating and that who ever was on watch at the time would be forced to remove food from his mouth so he did not

David claims he wrote this book in hopes that it will bring awareness to the problems of prescription drug abuse."We have lost two Kings, a Prince and countless others to
prescription drug abuse and as someone who suffered Elvis' loss first hand I feel in my heart that sharing my story can reach many and save them from the same fate."

Nurse claims Elvis was a miserable man
The second person to speak out on their experience with Elvis is his now 74-year-old private nurse Leticia Henley Kirk. In her book,"Taking Care of Elvis: Memories With Elvis as his
Private Nurse and Friend," Kirk describes Presley as a "miserable person." Kirk claims that his battles with his weight, loneliness, and the heartbreak of losing Priscilla ate away at
his being daily.

Presley remained completely heartbroken she reveals, despite many women coming and going since the divorce he could not get over losing the love of his life Priscilla and that
played a huge part in his untimely death. Oddly enough the new books coincide with the upcoming 39th anniversary of The King's death on August 16, 2016.

Fans always seem interested in any and all news pertaining to Elvis Presley, whether they believe it or not. For nearly forty years new and so-called shocking secrets surrounding
Presley continue to make news. Recently a video claiming to reveal that Elvis is still alive and living at Graceland made headlines. No word on to whether or not the video holds any
amount of truth to it has been revealed at this time.

National Enquirer Investigates: “Elvis”
He was simply “The King”, the original Rock God, as a cultural icon, his status is undeniable. But it’s a legacy that’s also left tainted by his descent into a drug addicted, jumpsuit-
clad parody of his former hip-shaking, barrier-shattering self – a descent that left the superstar dead at the age of forty-two.

According to the official story, the singer who left America All Shook Up, died of heart disease.
But is that the real story?
Or was his death a tragic overdose?
Did he fake his own death?  
Or was it even possible that the Viva Las Vegas star was actually murdered by the mob?

Now, through exclusive reporting from the National Enquirer, we’ll investigate nearly four decades of rumor and speculation to unravel the mystery.