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June 25, 2016  -  Various  /  Elvis Express Radio
Newspapers, News Channels, News Programs and seemingly every online news service, forum and who knows what else has been jumping up and down over this news story which
apparently show the now 81 year old Elvis Presley caught on webcam at Graceland doing the gardening?

We've seen and heard all sorts of theories and claims since 1977, but maybe this new "evidence" could finally convince us here at E.E.R that Elvis really is alive? Read the story
below and find out if we have finally been convinced that ELVIS IS ALIVE?

'ELVIS NOT DEAD' Graceland groundsman filmed THIS MONTH is 'King aged 81'

AT FIRST or even second glance he may not be a dead ringer for Elvis, but growing numbers of people are posting videos of him online, amid claims the long-held myth The King
never actually died is true after all.

By Jon Austin for The Express
PUBLISHED:  02:54, Wed, Jun 29, 2016 | UPDATED: 07:44, Wed, Jun 29, 2016
As "celebrities who are not really dead" conspiracy theories goes it is one of the longest running and certainly the most famous.

But, ever since Elvis Presley's death was announced on August 16, 1977, when he was 42, there have been countless theories that he faked his own demise and instead

The official cause was not given, but it is believed to have been an overdose of prescription drugs that caused heart failure.

And over the years there have been scores of alleged sightings and pictures that have surfaced - many of which looked like pictures of some of the many Elvis impersonators
across the globe.

This year attention has turned to a pony-tailed, grey-haired groundsman working at Graceland, Elvis' former residence in Memphis, Tennessee.

Video clips of the man recorded as recently as June 1 this year at the 13.8-acre estate, which now houses a museum, have been posted on YouTube, with responses divided as to
whether it could really be The King aged 81.

In a description of one such video, where the suspected Elvis holds two fingers towards the camera, YouTube channel
The Shadow said: "Pay close attention as he walks up to the

"Look this was a fluke...I don't think he expected us to be watching. Or maybe he just took a chance because he doesn't usually come so close to the camera. He raises his two
fingers to the top of his left head as a proof of life signal. He told us he is alive with the simple V sign. 'I'm Alive', He is giving us a clue that he knows we are all there watching him
and to his most loyal fans that he is indeed with us."

The site speculated "Elvis" had even visited Graceland as part of a rally for Harley-Davidson motorbikes. It added: "There is a Harley Rally which goes on each year in Memphis.
One of the things they do is drive over to Graceland for a photo shoot and it is our belief that Elvis is there helping out. He loves Harleys."

Despite the channel being given an identity for the man, it has refused to accept this and disputed it is who others have said he is.

The Shadow added:
"Our personal view is it's him. When you look at his walk and gait, long arms it's him 100 per cent. As he approaches he looks at the camera. As he walks away
he glances at the camera. Elvis broke a finger on his right hand aged 25, which left a noticeable change"

The channel added:
"We tried to look at his right hand to see the pinkie finger but he kept three fingers folded back as if to hide the finger."

But YouTube viewer Clarissa Mutlag claimed to spot a match on the man.

She posted:
"Look the pinky Finger of his right hand… Welcome back!"

The channel added:
"We confirmed with a few sources that used to work at Graceland that it's him. As soon as they saw the images we sent, they wrote back and said 'yes', IT IS
him as they remember him with the exact same ponytail. One said he had gained weight. But to be fair Elvis loves food and always had a problem with gaining weight so this should
not be a surprise. Plus, hey he's 81 years old… So we can cut him some slack! It's OK Elvis, you’re entitled. We still love you, ‘just the way you are"

A number of websites and social media pages are now pushing the theory that it is him.

But many have pointed out he is too short.

YouTube user
sluana1 posted: "I suspect the two fingers is signifying two months from now, and the Elvis week T-shirt is another clue. Elvis week is in August, 2 months from now.
Perhaps he is letting us know thats when he is coming out! Crazy, it seems to be him but why so open and in front of a camera."

Luke “Luck E” Tieppo pleaded with the man to out himself.

He said:
"Sir, if you are reading this comment page by any chance, and it is indeed your intention to be seen on this webcam. If you are planning something for August like you
seem to suggest in this video, please do go through with it, whatever it is! Whoever you are, if you have a story to tell then please tell it! If you are by some chance Elvis or a close
relative of Elvis, we fans will love you and support you and, if need be, defend you to the world. Obviously you want to be seen and noticed."

John Orlando said: "He walks with a limp. He look a lot like him. I am never sure for sure.  But my guess is yes."

Gloria Hestersaid: "For the first time. I believe this could be Elvis."

But, Kathleen Myers posted: "No way! Elvis was a very ill man before he passed. God rest his soul! He knew he was very ill in March of '77 and rewrote his will."

Rustywells added today: "This Is Not Elvis!!!"

Zoenew9949 said: "This guy is a little short to be Elvis."

And WHS 119 fumed: "look at the way this guy moves. Elvis had more grace than this."

Well, I've read the "evidence" and watched the video and read the comments both For and Against. While I use the word, 'Evidence', this is a term I use extremely lightly, the whole
claim of this chap being Elvis Presley is pretty much one of the most laughable idea's to be raised in the on going "ELVIS IS ALIVE" saga.

The idea of some special V signal made by two fingers to the top of the left side of his head being used as PROOF OF LIFE is just ridiculous. I've watched that clip several times
and be it the first time or the tenth, the guy on the video has a itch that needed taking care of and he did.......SIMPLE AS THAT!

The idea that Elvis is living in or near Graceland and does the odd job around the grounds is just as absurd. But I do love the claim
"I don't think he expected us to be watching. Or
maybe he just took a chance because he doesn't usually come so close to the camera."
- OMG, what can be said about this particular comment? Not much, except that maybe the
individual who thinks that this EPE EMPLOYEE is actually Elvis, can go to Memphis and ask if he can meet him in person? Then at least he can see for himself that he is NOT ELVIS.

Maybe, Joe and I can meet with the EMPLOYEE when we go to Memphis in 2017 to ask him ourselves......."Excuse me sir, are you Elvis Presley?"

ACTUALLY, talking of Joe. I don't know about this guy looking like Elvis? He looks more like Joe...
(Above left) Sign of life: Elvis Alivers say this was a cryptic sign to camera saying "I am alive". E.E.R says "watch the video and he is scratching the side of his head".
(Above middle / right) Seeing is not quite believing: But some YouTubers think Elvis is alive and well at Graceland.
...Hang on a sec, if the alivers say the gardner looks like Elvis Presley and I say he looks like Joe, does that mean Joe is Elvis Presley.....?
MYSTERY SOLVED.....or not!

NOTICE: If the Shadow or any other Aliver would like to come on our show to talk about the EVIDENCE that Elvis is alive then contact us at
Image Source Thanks To Rockin´Circus/TinyHands41
Video created by The Shadow