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June 22, 2016  -  Marty Lacker  /  Elvis Express Radio
A few days ago, EER published an article by Stereo Williams, an African American writer, editor, photographer based in New York City. He's an outspoken veteran entertainment
journalist who's been published in Upscale, Ebony and Creative Loafing. He's also an accomplished screenwriter and documentarian who's co-produced films such as Exubia and
Beautiful Skin. He is currently the editor-in-chief of The Boombox.

The journalist penned this interesting article which turned the spotlight on how that infamously fake quote, “The only thing Negroes can do for me is buy my records and shine my
shoes" came about and ultimately was PROVED to be the fabricated Bull that it obviously was.

If you have yet to read the article, you will find a link below this response from one of Elvis' closest friends, Memphis Mafia founding member Marty Lacker.

Reading your story about Elvis' supposed racism is ludicrous.  

Elvis had a deep affinity for black folk and it wasnt just his longtime strong friendships with celebrities like Jackie Wilson, B.B. King and more.  

Unbeknown to many except those of us who were close to him, witnessed his generous acts of helping ordinary Memphis black folk in their time of need when he was made aware of
them that no racist would ever do.  

The black folk of his era (age) loved him and that's why in the early years his records were number one on all the charts in Billboard including R&B chart.

Pioneers lie Little Richard and Chuck Berry have been quoted as saying, "Thank G-d for Elvis Presley" giving us and our music a voice and braking down the barriers with white folk.

That supposed quote about Not being good for anything but shining my shoes is the most ridiculous accusation ever made about him. That kind of thinking is so far removed from
what Elvis was and he would hate anyone who would make that kind of statement.

You can read the original article