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June 21, 2016  -  WIde Open Country  /  Elvis Express Radio
In 1968, Elvis Presley recorded an amazing Christmas television special unlike anyone had seen before. The program featured up close and personal performances, including a
special rendition of Elvis’s favorite Christmas song, “Blue Christmas.”

Now, footage of this rare performance has made its way online, and we are still amazed by everything that made Elvis the true “King of Rock and Roll.”

The women who were present for this special sure got an unforgettable treat. You can see the joy and the admiration they have for Elvis on through the giant smiles that lit up their
faces. It’s amazing to think about getting to sit that close to such a legendary performer during the peak of his popularity. That moment is one that those in attendance will likely
never, ever forget.

Decades after this special aired in 1968, MTV tried to recreate the success of the Elvis special by creating their popular acoustic program “Unplugged.” Although many of the series’
featured performances have since become historic in their own right, this clip proves that you’ll never be able to duplicate the greatness of The King.

EER comments: We're not sure how or why 'Wide Open Country' have come to the conclusion that this is a "Rare Performance"? But, they are spot on when they call the TV
Special "Amazing" and "Unlike anyone had seen before". The woman Elvis would come to call his 'Little Sister', Patti Parry, can be seen sitting to the left of him dressed in white
during the performance.  
Click to see Elvis Perform 'Blue Christmas'