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June 09, 2016  -  WTVO  /  Elvis Express Radio
TUPELO, Miss. (WTVA) — At some point, you have probably seen the photograph of a young Elvis Presley performing before an enthusiastic crowd at the old Tupelo Fairgrounds.

Tupelo communications director Leesha Faulkner has a huge copy of that photograph hanging in her office at City Hall.

And she's on a quest to identify everyone who is in that photograph.

Faulkner has Post-it notes on the picture in her office with the names of those already identified.

But she's asking anyone who's in the picture not already identified to come by City Hall and let her know.

Her goal is to put the photo on the internet with the names of everyone who can be seen in it.

Just by moving the computer mouse, names of each individual would pop up on the screen as the cursor goes over each person in the picture.

Jean F Knight remarked,
"Yes, I am in it!! I have the commerative plate with me on it with Elvis!"

Jake and Rhonda Ratliff Kelly from Mooreville, Mississippi said:
My mom is on the shoulders up front her name was Shirley Ratliff she is deceased now.

Conni Houston who lives in Charleston, Mississippi wrote:
Hoping you can post that large photo of Elvis and fans? Or maybe a slow motion video to have a better view.
I was and still am a #1 FAN of his! I've seen him lots of times on stage and have had the pleasure of being a guest in his home in Memphis on occasion.
I'm proud to call him my friend.