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June 08, 2016  -  Various  /  Elvis Express Radio
A PSYCHIC medium on The Chase rattled viewers of the show with her over-the-top persona and claims that she has communicated with the likes of Elvis Presley and Gene Kelly.

Paula O Brien dubs herself to be one of the UK's most loved psychic mediums, and goes by the moniker The People's Angel.

Appearing on this afternoon's edition of The Chase, she was the third player to take the stand against Anne "The Governess" Hegerty, who had already eliminated the previous two

In her introductory chat with host Bradley Walsh, Paula revealed that she was clairvoyant and that she "talks to dead people".

Bradley seemed bemused by the contestant, staring at her mouth-agape.

When asked if she had ever communicated with any dead celebrities, she said:
"I did a reading for a celebrity choreographer in Hollywood, and his godfather was Gene Kelly.
And his dad had recently passed, and he came through,
" she went on, "and his dad's best friends were Elvis and Sammy Davis Jr. And during the reading they all appeared in the
room. It was amazing."

The larger than life contestant then went through to face The Governess, who did not seem impressed. "You're so bubbly we could wash up with you," Hegerty remarked. "Instead
of talking to spirits I think you've been drinking them."

Paula didn't seem phased by The Governess' quips, answering all questions right with the exception of one.....but one right in her one-on-one against her.

Twitter was awash with remarks about how a psychic would surely know all the answers, with one posting: "This psychic on #thechase should already know who's going to win
shouldn't she?"

They then began slating the player when she answered a question incorrectly about
Brighton and Hove. Despite admitting that she used to live in Hove, she claimed that the city
is in the
New Forest rather than on the South Downs. One tweeter wrote: "You can talk to dead people but you don't clock that Hove is south enough?

Paula got through to the final round, and didn't let that one embarrassing answer get her down. She continued to laugh and joke throughout the rest of the episode.

But viewers were clearly rubbed up the wrong way with the skeptics furiously tweeting about the medium.

One posted:
"She talks to dead people yeah course you do Paula."

Another typed: "Paula keeps clapping hysterically as if someone's whipped out some cake and offered her some."

"These people anger me, preying on the vulnerable. I hope she goes out,"
posted a third.

A rather irate viewer seemed to take much offence to Paula's spiritual claims, tweeting:
"This 'psychic' is really just a lying, deceitful trollop who preys on the vulnerable."

As she and her teammate Helen entered the final chase, Bradley asked Paula to predict the outcome, saying: "I think Anne will win." She was right.
A stumped contestant looks on as "medium" Paula O' Brien tells bemused host Bradley Walsh about her psychic meets with Elvis & Co....!