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June 01, 2016  -  The Elvis Files  /  Elvis Express Radio
It started back in 2010 and now six years on, after 3.500 pages and almost 10.000 photos, it's time for the 8th and final volume in the Epic book series, The Elvis Files.

Oh yes, the eagerly awaited final installment of the critically acclaimed Elvis Files book series is at this very moment being printed and is very nearly ready to be sent out to
customers and dealers around the world.

The epic Elvis Files book series is the work of
Erik Lorentzen, and has become one of the greatest book collections on Elvis Presley ever published. This highly praised collection
of works tells the most detailed story of Elvis Presley's career ever, starting at 1953 and finishing the epic 6 year journey with this final 8th volume ending at 1977.

Each volume of the Elvis Files weighs in excess of 3 Kgs and the last volume continues the usual standards of the series including photo's and memories about Elvis and his then
girl on his arm, Ginger Alden.

The Elvis Files has brought Elvis fans around the world many, many, hours of reading and many more hours looking at nearly 10,000 amazing photo's (including many rare and
unseen pictures) spread out over 3,500 pages.

Even though Volume 8 brings an end to the superb Elvis Files series, Eric is working on bringing us fans the equally fantastic Elvis Files Magazine series and more books coming
this year.

But for now, we here at Elvis Express Radio want to say a huge THANK YOU to Erik Lorentzern for dedicating so much time for Elvis and for those fans (including us) who have
loved each and every volume of the Greatest Elvis Presley Book Series EVER!