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May 31, 2016  -   The Mirror   /   Elvis Express Radio
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Overbury House Nursing Care Home in the UK, has come up with the King of idea's in order to help their residents with dementia

Staff are recruiting the help of Elvis Presley, a fifties style jukebox and signs for Rout 66 have been placed in a care home to help residents suffering from dementia. And night-shift
nurses will wear pyjamas just like the residents.

Overbury House Nursing Care Home in Wroxham, Norfolk, now has a 1950s American-themed diner with a Wurlitzer-style jukebox which plays classic Elvis tunes and other hits from
the 1950's and 60's and of course, the cut-out of Elvis and Route 66 decorations.

Bosses hope it will offer the elderly residents a nostalgic trip down memory lane and help with their dimentia.

There’s a mural of New York’s Brooklyn Bridge, diner chairs and stools and a 1950s-style public phone.

Manager Sally Lee said it’s designed to ‘start conversations and offer a fun experience’.

She has introduced other initiatives, including having night shift nurses ‘dress down’ in pyjamas, so residents can ‘relate to them and it being night time’.

Overbury is a ‘unique centre for dementia ’, she added, and staff were keen to invite people to the home to see the initiatives at work.

David Bates, chief operating officer of Healthcare Homes Group who run Overbury, said he supported the project.