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May 18, 2016  -  Memphis News  /  Elvis Express Radio
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Elvis Presley Enterprises has applied for three building permits totaling $21.6 million for its Graceland West expansion.

The largest permit, at $18.1 million, is designated for core and shell construction at 1064 Craft Road. The other permits for $2.3 million at 1116 Craft Road and $1.1 million at 1126
Craft Road also are for core and shell work without any specific indication.

The Memphis City Council and the Office of Planning and Development have approved plans for the 46-acre Graceland West development located at the northwest corner of Elvis
Presley Boulevard and Craft Road. The plaza will include a car museum, a new shelter for Elvis’ two jets, two restaurants, a soundstage, retail and a museum to be called Elvis the

In March, Elvis Presley Enterprises filed for a $6.8 building permit for new construction at 1116 Craft Road.

Hnedak Bobo Group is the architect.

Graceland executives have talked about a plaza renovation as the third phase of a large-scale redevelopment of the area surrounding the Graceland mansion. It already includes
an archives building that opened in 2015 and the 450-room Guest House at Graceland resort hotel that will open Oct. 27.

Oct. 27 also will mark the formal closing of Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel. Elvis Presley Enterprises intends to demolish that hotel. No future use for that land has been made