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May 17, 2016  -  The Examiner  /  Elvis Express Radio
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Elvis Style is a celebration of the aesthetic world of Elvis Presley. As one of the most significant pop icons of the 20th century, Elvis’ impact on the music world has been widely
discussed and analyzed.

Surprisingly, however, his influence on design and fashion remains largely overlooked. Elvis Style investigates why Elvis was, and continues to be, an icon of style, focusing on his
wonderfully expressive hairstyles, clothes, cars, and interiors.

Elvis Style offers the reader an intriguing and insightful journey though the crazy, cool and at times kitsch world of a true mega-star. Contemporary design experts have been
interviewed to offer fresh insights into Elvis’ style choices.

"Elvis Style: From Zoot Suits To Jumpsuits" is the new book from writer-journalist Zoey Goto. The release is planned for end of July. The book focuses on Elvis' style, not all
clothes and hairstyle, but also his choice of cars and the design of his houses. The book examines why Elvis was such an icon, and his mark continue to press the music, etc.

These include Sex and the City stylist Patricia Fields, costume designer Deborah Nadoolman Landis (Michael Jackson’s Thriller) Oscar winning costume designer Mark Bridges
(The Artist), the British celebrity hairdresser Trevor Sorbie, Andy Lecompte (Madonna’s hairstylist), Savile Row tailor Edward Sexton, Andy Spade (Jack Spade and Kate Spade
brands) academics from the University of Mississippi, the Victoria & Albert Museum, George Barris (creator of the Bat-mobile and Elvis’ personal car-customizer) and Hal Lansky of
Lansky Brothers (Elvis’ favorite tailoring house) who has also provided the foreword for Elvis Style. Elvis Style includes around 150 photos, many of which are full color and show
rarely seen before Elvis-worn garments, interiors and cars from Elvis’ extensive private collection.