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May 16, 2016  -  Tupelo Daily Journal  /  Elvis Express Radio
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TUPELO – What do Elvis Presley, Leonardo DaVinci, Rosa Parks, George Washington and Dak Prescott have in common? They were all at Joyner Elementary School’s second-
grade wax museum on Monday morning.

While the famous figures themselves might not have been present, they were well represented by the Joyner students, who dressed up as historical figures and educated visitors
on their lives.

Students’ families were invited Monday to walk the hallways and see the students impersonate the famous figures during the wax museum.

Carter Bell, a second grader, chose to do his project on George Washington.

“I picked him because he was the first president,” Bell said. “I learned that he’s the father of our country.”

Students had to write a synopsis of their chosen person’s life and accomplishments including their birth and death dates, three interesting facts and their claim to fame.

The students worked for three weeks to bring their subjects to life through research and writing.

Second-grader Gavin Price said he chose Elvis because he enjoys the musician’s music. The fact that Presley was born in Tupelo also sparked Price’s interest.

“I just like the way he sings,” Price said. “It seemed like he was fun.”

Jayla Clifton, a second grader, dressed up as First Lady Michelle Obama for the wax museum.

Clifton said she chose Obama because she is the president’s wife, but ended up learning a lot of interesting facts about her, like that she skipped the second grade.

“She has two degrees,” Clifton said. “She’s really smart.”

Susie Pharr, a second-grade teacher at Joyner, said she was impressed with her students’ work and enthusiasm for the project.

“I hope that they learned something about history and current events, about what’s happening in the world,” Pharr said.