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May 13, 2016  -  Elvis Express Radio
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Speedway C0-Star, William Schallert Died this week aged 93: Born in Los Angeles, California, William Schallert began acting while still a student at the University of Southern
California, and moved into television in the early 1950s.

Elvis fans will know William from the 1968 MGM movie, SPEEDWAY, in which he played the role of Abel Ester Lake, which also starred Nancy Sinatra. His role saw him as screen
father to Ellie Esterlake, who Elvis sang 'Your Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby to' in the film.

Schallert died suddenly in his Pacific Palisades home on Sunday, 8 May. He was 93.
RIP William Schallert (July 6 1922 - May 8 2016).

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