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May 13, 2016  -  FTD   /  Elvis Express Radio
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For some time now, certain quarters of the Elvis World has been spreading rumours at how sales of FTD releases have dropped dramatically, so much so that the end of the
Collectors Label could be fast approaching?

Now that FTD have announced the repressings of NINE titles, including some of their most recent releases which sold out in almost record time, seem to put an end to these
rumours and certainly great for fans who missed out on these particular titles first time around.

The complete NINE repressings are:
Classic Albums:
"Live A Little, Love A Little"
"King Creole"
"Elvis" (the 2nd LP)
"Flaming Star"
"Elvis (Fool)",

General FTD Albums:
"The Return To Vegas"
"Sold Out"
"Hot August Night"  
"The On Stage Season".