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May 12, 2016  -  Minnesota Public Radio   /  Elvis Express Radio
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Minnesota Public Radio have produced a very short acknowledgement of the 60th Anniversary of Elvis Presley's 2 concerts at St. Paul Minnesota on May 13th 1956 which was one
of his first performances so far north in the States as his first new single for RCA Victor broke out Nationally.

Here we present the transcript of  "I GET SO LONELY" on Minnesota Public Radio.

The sound of 'Heartbreak Hotel' plays.......
Today's Morning Edition music is from "Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis Presley, his first single for RCA Records.

RCA executives thought the downtempo number was a terrible choice for Presley's first release and Sam Phillips, head of his old label Sun Records, called it a "morbid mess."

But they misjudged the public's taste and it became his first No. 1 hit.

That success inspired a local promoter to book Presley for his first two performances in Twin Cities. Friday marks the 60th anniversary of the day Elvis played in both St. Paul and
Minneapolis. Each show attracted about 1,000 people, far below capacity.