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May 09, 2016  -  Elvis Matters  /  E.I.N  /  Elvis Express Radio
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EIN reported back in March, Sony Legacy senior vice-president John Jackson - and co-producer of the 60 CD box-set - announced that SONY were already working on a special
release for 2017, the 40th anniversary of Elvis' untimely death.

Jackson noted: "We’ve got some interesting ideas for 2017. The 40th anniversary of some of the last recordings he made is coming up, so we’re toying with the idea of how to best
present those. It’s my argument that he never lost it -- that he was never anything less than amazing. He was the greatest singer of all time, as far as I’m concerned, and was always
trying to do his thing. Despite all the troubles he had in the '70s, including fights with the label, how they were promoting him and how they made him feel, he was still cutting great
stuff. That’s a lot of what we’re talking about now."

As keen fans know there is close to one CD's worth of material that still remains officially unreleased from Elvis' last two recording sessions in Graceland's Jungle Room.
These tracks include:
Bitter They Are Harder They Fall take 2,
Moody Blue take 3,
Multiple takes of She Thinks I Still Care and Solitaire,
The Last Farewell take 3,
As well as material such as Moody Blue take 10 with Strings Overdub, certainly enough to make a fascinating set for Elvis collectors.

Now two recent photos have been posted showing the TCB Band plus Elvis legacy producer Ernst Jorgensen and John Jackson in the Sam Phillips studio as well as the Jungle
Room itself. This is surely part of the work involved for this new 2017 release.

The TCB band were also in Sam Phillips Madison avenue recording studio working on this "secret" project. Sam Philips granddaughter Haley Phillips is seen in the photo above
standing in front of Ernst Jorgensen.