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May 09, 2016  -  The Plymouth Herald  /  Elvis Express Radio
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Catherine Steele from Plymouth, England was 40 years old in 1956 when Elvis burst onto the scene in the UK and she was pretty much hooked. Now, as we commemorate the 60th
Anniversary of Elvis' breakthrough year, Catherine celebrates her 100 birthday and being an Elvis fan since the HMV label first released 'Heartbreak Hotel' and apart from the
honour of receiving a signed card from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd, she always wanted to get a little closer to Elvis in some way and so, she was given a once in a lifetime
thrill of being driven to her 100th birthday bash in a Cadillac which was used by Elvis in the movie 'Blue Hawaii'.......Or was her life's ?

The following was published in the Plymouth Herald on May 9th 2016...
CELEBRATING your birthday in style is one thing, but arriving at your 100th birthday party in a Cadillac made famous by Elvis Presley is another thing altogether.

Catherine Steele, from Plympton, strolled up to her party last month - with her zimmer frame in tow - in a classic, blue Cadillac, an iconic vehicle symbolic of the 1950s era in

The car is also synonymous with Elvis Presley's
Blue Hawaii, a film which was released in 1962 and starred the Mississippi crooner as the main character. And for Presley fan
Catherine, the old-fashioned mode of transport could not have been better chosen.

Granddaughter Sharyn Seaman, who was one of 35 grandchildren and great-children present at the special event at Harewood House on April 28, said the 100-year-old had "an
amazing time".

She told The Herald: "It was a wonderful family occasion. The Cadillac was my dad's idea. My mum and Catherine are massive Elvis fans and we thought, what better way to turn up
to your birthday than in a Cadillac once used by the man himself?

She was described by relatives as a "kind-hearted", "generous" and "loving" woman who still wanted to know what everyone in her family - young and old - is getting up to.

Catherine also received a signed letter from the Queen to mark her achievement - something she is yet to let out of her sight.

Young Catherine sounds like a wonderfully fun lady and reminds me of my Grandmother, who I deeply miss. So to hear about her super-cool ride in a Cadillac that was once used
by Elvis himself, and used by him in the movie, 'Blue Hawaii', and then, to see the pictures, should fill fellow Elvis fans around the world with warmth and a great feeling?

But, I found myself being angry and disappointed for Catherine and her loving family because no matter what they must have been told, the car which gave Catherine such an
amazing feeling to be that little bit closer to Elvis for her 100th birthday, is not at all what they were had intended to do for their loved one. Hell, the car which we see the smiling  
birthday girl after being driven to her party in was NOT even a Cadillac, let alone anything to do with Elvis, it was in fact a '1957 Oldsmobile 98 Starfire'.

As for being featured in 'Blue Hawaii', there is no Cadillac used by Elvis in that movie. The cars Elvis can be seen in during the Paramount Pictures movie is the famous red 1960
MG Roadster and a 1961 Dodge Dart Phoenix convertible (pictured below). I'm pretty sure that even though Elvis owned a fleet of cars throughout his life, I've never heard of him
ever owning an Oldsmobile.

I hope that the family of this amazing lady didn't pay too much money for a car that is nothing what it is claimed to be and hope that whoever it was who took their money as a result
of this huge whopper of a tall tale learns all about Karma some day soon.

As for Catherine Steele, we wish her all the very best for her 100th year and hope that she continues to enjoy the sound of Elvis for years to come.