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April 29, 2016  -  KSNV News3LV   /  Elvis Express Radio
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Elvis Presley's 18th Motion Picture, 'Tickle Me' or as it's known for this release, 'Cowboy Melodie' will see it's worldwide debut on blu-ray through Switzerland’s Explosive Media
label and so fans will be able to pick up their copy from  August 11, 2016.

OK, so what should we expect quality wise?

One fellow Elvis fan over on the FECC Elvis group said the following: "I have several of their titles (Valdez is Coming, Hannie Caulder, Man Without a Star, Monte Walsh, Bandolero,
Backlash, Sabata, Fort Massacre) and haven't been disappointed. Typically, they use existing masters, but offer good transfers and have dug up some nice bonus material. Anyone
who likes this film should expect a good release on Blu-ray."