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April 29, 2016  -  KSNV News3LV   /  Elvis Express Radio
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Elvis Presley helped to build Las Vegas into the entertainment hub that it is today. People once flocked to see him perform in Sin City and all because of his long and storied history.

But times change, and as the years have passed since Elvis's death 40 years ago, some believe his influence on the city is finally waning.

Elvis tribute shows have come and gone with just a handful let across the valley. While tribute artists believe there's still a market for Elvis entertainment, they say the resorts are
going in a different direction.

"I feel Vegas is withdrawing from it but for no good reason really because the people, the audience is still there," said one performer.

Could the King finally step down from his entertainment throne in a city that is constantly evolving? Can Elvis be kept in the building?

Find out tonight at 11 in Sergio Avila's Special Report, Elvis Leaving Las Vegas. (Las Vegas Time on

With the greatness and uniqueness that was and remains ELVIS, it's pretty easy to see why the legend that is ELVIS is rapidly fading in Las Vegas when the general public / tourists
are confronted with IMPS like shown here performing for TWO tourists by the famous Welcome To Las Vegas sign with his microphone plugged into a portable music player while
many other tourists pretend he's not there while they take their pictures of that very sign......what a way to promote the importance and genius that is ELVIS by way of making him a