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April 24, 2016  -  Elvis Express Radio
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I keep reading these interviews by Jerry Schilling in regards to Elvis and Nixon and all I can do is shake my head at some of the crap that he spews.

As for him being Elvis' best friend as the interview states I'm amused thinking the battle that must go on between him, Esposito and Klein who all claim to be Elvis' best friend.

None of them were any more special to Elvis that the rest of us, it's a shame they just cant be content knowing they were good friends with Elvis.  Oh well, whatever floats their boat!

As for not doing A Star Is Born killing Elvis, that was just many things Parker kept him from doing because he didn't want to lose control of Elvis and take the chance that he may
start learning about the business side of show business from people like Streisand who is a smart lady in that area. If he did he'd find out that many of the things Parker was doing
or talked Elvis into or out of was ripping him off.  

It was many of those things that effected Elvis mentally and at times put his in a state of depression as well as boredom. The glaring example was not touring outside the U.S.
because of the lame excuses Parker used to keep Elvis from doing that.  One excuse was that because Elvis was taking drugs, well the fact is they were all prescribed medicines by
his doctor and not illegal street drugs.

Another was carrying guns. Arrangements could have been made before hand with the various cities overseas as it was normal for big celebrities to have armed bodyguards and
they would have easily accommodated a superstar like Elvis.  Elvis wanted to do A Star Is Born just as he wanted to tour the world but Parker exerted his control because Elvis really
didn't know any better that Parker was full of shit.

I have not seen the movie and probably wont until it comes on TV which will probably be soon but if its anything like the first one that was done for TV they turned Elvis into a clown.

Its enough that they cast Shannon as Elvis since he looks like the son of Frankenstein.  There are plenty of good actors who would resemble Elvis' beauty that should have been
cast.  If that's what this one turns out to be than Jerry's bullshit is laughable.