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April 12, 2016  -  KFOX14  -   Elvis Express Radio
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It's a "hunka hunka" heck of a motorcycle and it's the works of an El Paso man with a big passion for Elvis Presley memorabilia.

Al Bierman has his mind set on taking "The King" to Graceland in Memphis Tennessee.

"The King" is what he's calling the Elvis-themed motorcycle he built from scratch in his Northeast El Paso home.

Bierman's collection of all things Elvis Presley began in the '70s when his father gifted him a 45 rpm record that the king himself gave him. Bierman's father and Elvis Presley served
in the military together in Germany.

Bierman said that the record was the only Elvis Presley album his father would own. The record was then given to Bierdman when he went to serve in the Air Force.

From then on it became some sort of a tradition.

For every celebration, Bierdman said people "get him something Elvis."

And then his mother and her friends who were Elvis fans began to send their stuff to Bierdman as they got older.

"I've kind of become like a repository for Elvis things, we've incorporated some of those donated things into the bike," Bierman said.

So for the last three years, Bierman has spent about 1,000 hours per year creating his ultimate Elvis possession.

And one by one, he began incorporating the musical elements into the bike.

A guitar pick for a windshield, drum sticks for handle bars and a 50s' microphone as a shifter.

All the music components have a role, Bierman said.

"Nothing musically is static, it is all meant to do something."

Bierman has a goal for "The King."

He plans to take the motorcycle to Graceland and show it off in hopes that it's intricate design will become the inspiration for some sort of charity fundraiser.

Bierman wants to help those with visual impairments. He said the bike is built in a way that those who cannot physically see it will still be able to enjoy it. People will be able to touch
every single part of the bike and know what it is.

Bierman's talents in building custom-made motorcycles haven't gone unnoticed.

Paul Teutul Sr. from the famous Orange County Choppers wanted to hire him, according to Bierdman.

But Bierman said he is not trying to quit his day job working for Paul Foster as a corporate aircraft mechanic.

"We're not looking for that kind of exposure, I do have a job that I love, which is aviation," Bierdman said.

The total cost to build "The King" was around $20,000, Bierman said.

While he doesn't have a direct contact with Graceland, Bierman said he plans on taking taking the bike to Memphis to show it off. He has been in contact with SirusXM Radio who
has an Elvis station in Memphis.

"I want to have people enjoy it and get their feedback on it," Bierman said.

Bierman and take "The King" will hit the road sometime this week.
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