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April 08, 2016  -  By Henry Johnstone For REDBULL  /  Elvis Express Radio
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It's difficult to sum up the extensive career of someone like Carl Cox. The man is, quite frankly, an icon of dance music. From his early days in the mid '80s DJing at legendary UK
clubs like Shellys and The Hacienda, right through to '90s superstar DJ status, countless remixes and mix compilations and a legendary residency stint at Space in Ibiza. He has,
quite literally, seen and done it all.

Cox is about to turn 54 this year, but shows no signs of slowing down. This European summer the softly spoken friendly giant reaches a career milestone - celebrating a mammoth
15 years as resident DJ of Space Ibiza, which is sadly his final season on the island. Though where one chapter ends, another begins, with the DJ launching his very own techno
festival Pure in Australia this month.

With these two milestone events in mind, we thought it only fitting to look back at the music that has shaped the legend that is Carl Cox, who takes Red Bull Music through his own
personal music journey....

Can you recall a record your parents used to play when you were a kid that has stuck with you?

It’s got to be Elvis Presley’s ‘Bossa Nova Baby,’ which is from the Fun In Acapulco film he starred in. My Mum and Dad used to have parties at home all the time and there’d always
be some Elvis records playing from his collection. And we’d listen to him at Christmas time too. All his music was great, but ‘Bossa Nova Baby’ is the one that has stayed with me to
this very day.

It’s funny how much of a musical influence parents can have on a child growing up.
It’s almost as if there’s no choice in the matter - your tastes become ingrained in you.

Absolutely. My family is from the Caribbean, so they used to play all the music that came from local artists in Barbados as well. But Elvis was one of those artists who really broke
through everything. No matter what kind of music you were into, Elvis Presley would be in your collection, he was that prolific. And you know what? The first time I heard him I didn’t
even know he was white! Actually most people who heard him before they saw him in films or on the telly thought he was black. He just had so much soul and that’s why his music
crossed over to black people at the time. In the end it didn’t matter what colour he was, it was his fantastic music that touched people’s souls.
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