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April 06, 2016  -  The Movie News Guide  /  Elvis Express Radio
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“Elvis & Nixon” is based on when Elvis Presley came to the White House to meet Richard Nixon. His aim was to be deputized into the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. In
the movie, Michael Shannon plays the King Of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley himself.

Playing such an iconic role is definitely not an easy task and Michael Shannon himself has admitted that it was “terrifying” at first in an interview with Men’s Journal. The “Man Of
Steel” actor said that he was totally into the life of Presley. This included listening to his songs, watching his movies and even going to Memphis, Presley’s hometown.

In Memphis, he visited Graceland, Presley’s former 13.8 acre house which has been turned into a museum. He also visited Sun Studio where Elvis Presley recorded the song that
made him famous – “That’s all right”.

However, the one thing that actually had the most impact, the secret behind how he turned into Presley. He has some quality time with the singer’s very close friend, Jerry Shilling. In
fact, Shilling actually did go with Presley to meet Nixon at the White House.

Michael Shannon said that Shilling was very helpful and it was a great help to have him give them a “more inside look”. Plus, he also provided Shannon with an unaired interview
from the “Elvis On Tour” documentary. It was the last movie that Presley had made.

Besides that, Shannon also watched other things to study the gait and movement of Presley, such as watching live performances and press conferences. Shannon said, “I found
this one he did the same year of the meeting, from the Houston Astrodome, that I ended up watching a lot.”

As for that moment in history, according to Movie Web, the image of Presley and Nixon sitting face to face in the Oval Office is one of the most requested photos from the National
Archives. Presley had written a six page letter to Nixon with a request for the visit plus a suggestion to be made a Federal agent in the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

“Elvis And Nixon” will appear in theatres April 22, 2016 onward.
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