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March 28, 2016  -  Elvis Matters / Elvis Express Radio
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On June 1, a new about Elvis' life will be published. The writer David Stanley wrote already a number of Elvis' books including 'Elvis We Love You Tender', 'Raised On Rock'
and 'The Elvis Encyclopedia'. David is the son of Dee Stanley, with whom Elvis' father Vernon married in 1960, after the death of Gladys Presley. David is currently working on
the final chapters of his new book, which is titled
'My Brother Elvis: The Final Years'. An excerpt from the book:

I had missed a tour in December of 1976 as a result of a motorcycle accident. The following is what happened when I picked Elvis up from the airport.

He walked out of the Lisa Marie with a new girl on his arm, and there he introduced me to Ginger Alden, his latest girlfriend. She was young, about the same age as me, and I found
myself comparing her to Linda. I exchanged pleasantries with her, then Elvis reached in his front suit pocket and pulled out an envelope.

“What’s this for?” I wanted to know. “It’s your tour bonus,” he answered. Elvis was typically very generous at the end of a tour, giving bonuses to the crew.

“What’s it for? I wasn’t on the tour,” I said, bewildered.

“Yes you were, David,” he assured me with a smile. “You were with me every day.”

I opened the envelope and saw $3,000 in cash inside. This was the guy that I had known, the generous man who wanted nothing more than for everyone to be happy. This was the
guy I loved, and not because of the money; I loved him because of the heart inside him that made him so generous.