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March 21, 2016  -  Elvis Express Radio
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As we reported last year, Linda Thompson, the one time girlfriend of Elvis is in the process of writing her long awaited memoirs regarding her life with the King and her one time
husband, Bruce Jenner.

Many fans are expecting a heartfelt but respectful chapter when it comes to her memories of Elvis, but in a recent interview, Thompson makes a claim that Elvis Presley, was so
"smitten" with former Olympics star Bruce Jenner, now known as Caitlyn, that he gushed over him to then-girlfriend Linda Thompson, who would go on to marry Jenner years later!

This story about Elvis is just one of what is being hyped as "many blockbuster admissions" by Thompson that is included in "in A Little Thing Called Life", Thompson’s new tell-all
book, due out in August, to tie in with the 39th Anniversary of Elvis' passing and as Linda states, will expose Elvis’ true feelings for Jenner?

Thompson, 65, dated Elvis four years after meeting him during a Miss Tennessee beauty pageant that she had won. She reveals that when Elvis first saw Jenner on TV, he was
buff and wearing a small pair of blue shorts.. According to Linda, she was in bed with Elvis at Graceland when they first saw Bruce competing in the decathlon at the 1976 Summer
Olympics in Montreal.

She confirmed in an interview that Elvis said, “Damn, if that guy is not handsome! I’m not gay, but damn, he’s good-looking.” She joked to Elvis that she would “marry that guy
someday,” to which he quipped, “Yeah, sure, honey, over my dead body.”

Elvis would die the following year in 1977. Four years later, Thompson, an actress with small parts on CHiPs and Starsky & Hutch, wed Jenner, now 66. The mom of two from
Memphis now lives in Malibu and has two sons from her marriage to Jenner — Brody, 32, and 34-year-old Brandon.

Her book will recount Jenner’s painful confession of longing to become a woman when Brody was just 18 months old.